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Catch 22, either you lose or you lose

Well Georgia, it seems we get our freedom papers tomorrow. I don't know about y'all, but I ain't going. I have never been that bored in my life. I mean, if I had to go to work that would be one thing, but our dear governor Brian Kemp has deemed salons, nail shops and tattoo parlors necessary despite the current state of our nation. Like I seriously doubt that people we're sitting at home pressed because they couldn't go get a tattoo. But hey, what do I know. Anyway, shout-out to all of the essential workers out there, we couldn't do it without you. I pray y'all stay protected and sickness stay far away from you and those you love.

Did you catch that press conference today? It seems #45 is doubling down on his opposition to Gov. Kemp opening the state in the manner that he is. President Donald Trump addressed a question today in regard to Gov Kemp “defying orders.” President Trump made clear that he was not defied since he had given governors orders “to do what they think is best.” The president did say that he was opposed to seeing spa's listed among openings in the state and suggested that he could've made Gov Kemp adjust the list if he wanted to. Donald Trump didn't offer any particular suggestions of his own but rather he introduced his team of talking heads and “professionals” and stepped aside as always. Dr. Deborah Birx (White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator) claimed that stats from the last 7 days show that numbers have gone down in New York, home to 45% of the nations cases. Ms. Birx says that “As NEW YORK goes down, so will the country.” She also alleges that the spikes are being caused by prison, nursing homes and industrial plant outbreaks. Her suggestion is that we look out for early warning signs to avoid outbreaks.

In all of this, how do we protect the “essential workers”? What about the families that they go home to? What about the clients / customers they come in contact with? There seems to always be a chance for any of us to get it or give it at anytime. I hate to say it but essential workers are soldiers in a war that they didn't sign up for. We need their service, believe me we do, but if this thing is what the government and the media is making it seem, they are in boot camp right now. Healthcare workers are being infected and meat processing plants are seeing a rise in positive cases in their employees. Our healthcare system is vulnerable and our food is questionable at this point. The sad part is that the only suggestion is to roll the dice and see what happens. No plan for widespread testing, not enough medical facilities to handle a major catastrophe, and no vaccine (which most people don't even want.)

I forgot to tell you, President Trump suggests injecting disinfectant into the body to kill COVID-19. Yea! That really happened. Here's the link:

Oh and one more thing!!! President Trump closed out the press conference in true petty fashion. Dr. Fauci has already confirmed (in his professional opinion) that Covid will be back in the fall so when a reporter asked #45 if the flu or Covid-19 in November, could create issues with the election, he took a chance to (1) evade the question and (2) take a swing at Ol' Joe. The reporter's question was: “Are you concerned that they'll be a lack of legitimacy in (close) election results?

President Trump: “We have a sleepy guy in the basement of the house that the press is giving a free pass to, who doesn't want to do debates because of Covid. Lots of things are happening.... They're keeping him sheltered because of the Corona virus. He's not moving around a lot, not moving a lot at all.

Now #45 dodged that question as I expected, but I LMAO when he went for Joe's neck.

-The word on those CNN streets is that Joe offered to debate online but that no one from the president's camp has responded.

The real experiment starts tomorrow for many states, not just Georgia. State governors are free to make and adjust restrictions as they like. City Mayors like the one in Las Vegas went as far as to tell her residents they'll be fine "just take a shower." Mayor Keisha, as we call her, says she hasn't even spoken to the Governor Kemp. It's a mess.

I applaud those business owners that aren't planning to open and for being able to stand tall. To those that have to work, do what you have to do, just be safe.

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