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Game, ain't nobody playing with you!

After a lengthy court battle over sexual assault charges, Jayceon Taylor a.k.a. TheGame is being forced to turn over his independent music label as well as the royalties from his last album, Born 2 Rap. Taylor is accused of groping a woman multiple times while in Chicago filming his reality show, “She's Got Game.”

In 2015, Priscilla Rainey claims that the rapper groped her while cameras weren't rolling and that he also put his hands on her “bare vagina.” The Game maintained his innocence involving the situation but repeatedly failed to show up for court when scheduled leading to a victory for Rainey in the amount of $7 million dollars.

The Game also failed at an attempt to appeal in 2019, giving Ms. Rainey ownership of the West Coast music label “Prolific” and the royalties from his retirement album of the same year, which sold 20k units in it's first week back in November.

According to reports from, the rapper could face charges if he continues to collect money from the record label or the album.

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