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Ladies, Ladies let's not fight in public.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

It's no secret that I'm one of Joe Biden's biggest critics, well not so much a critic, but I have been side-eyeing him. I've questioned the crime bills endorsed by him during his time in the Senate, and how he plans to correct the fall-out from it all. I would love to hear how he plans to create access to healthcare for entrepreneurs. I'm talking about the good stuff like BCBS, not the crappy government stuff. I've reviewed his campaign website and his campaign promises but I'm still not sold.

Anyway, Bronx rapper Cardi B spoke with Joe a few weeks ago about changes she would like to see implemented during his presidency. Those changes included lowered taxes and free healthcare for all Americans. I'll admit, I didn't finish the interview so I don't know how deep the conversation went, but someone seems to think the conversation should have never happened.

By now you've probably heard about the Twitter beef between Cardi B and self-proclaimed “Black Conservative” Candace Owens. Candace stated in an interview with Ben Shapiro, that the Democratic Nation Party (DNC) was pandering to Black Americans by having the candidate appear in the interview with Cardi, who “knows nothing about politics and is illiterate.” Ms. Owens says that Cardi sounded like an 8-year-old girl reading a list for Santa, likely from a list of talking points discussed prior to the interview.

In a separate interview with FOX anchor Tucker Carlson, Candace insists that the interview with Cardi B and Joe Biden was insulting and could have been conducted by any number of qualified Black Americans on either party side. Ms. Owens doubles down saying that Cardi had no intellectual argument and that her response on social media proves her ignorance. Cardi has since deleted her social media posts but one video is still in rotation on Youtube. Cardi expresses in that video that she has the right to her opinion and the right to ask questions.

Tucker Carson suggested that Cardi was likely selected because the interview would be “easy” and Candace agreed. She says she believes that Joe Biden is “going senile” and that he does not respond well when challenged. She also believes that The DNC is attacking her via the media because she embarrassed them by criticizing the democratic nominee. Tucker says that Candace had made valid points and that there is a “penalty for telling the truth these days.”

Whew child! I don't totally agree or disagree with either of the two. While I'm glad that Joe finally came out of hiding, I want to see him with someone that will demand answers to hard questions. Joe has a slick way of skee-daddling when the sh*t hits the fan. But I believe that Cardi has the right to her opinion, and if she is able to ask questions in front of a large audience, I applaud her. I believe that the interview exposed more about Joe than anything. On the other hand, Candace did call Cardi out of her name granted the descriptions (by definition) did fit. BUT STILL, You can't do that Ms. Owens.

I think that Candace is poorly received because her opinions are strong and seemingly unwavering. I wish she would have taken a step toward educating Cardi rather than embarrass her. Aggression is always met with aggression so this encounter is deemed counterproductive to the advancement of Black America, regardless of what you believe that should look like.

It's funny, I don't disagree with Candace as much as many others do but I don't consider myself a conservative either. I'm more on the “Live and let live but don't be weird” side.

See the most recent response from Candace here:

Until next time.... Belle Heiress

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