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Leaning on 420?

Celebrity jeweler Alex Todd and NY rapper Jim Jones have released a Cannabis infused liquid beverage in recognition of 420. Saucey Lean is the newest product from the Saucey Farms & Extracts company and comes just one year after it's collaboration with Jones, to form the product line “CAPO.” The mixture is made from organically grown, slow-cured premium grade cannabis extract and can be sipped straight or mixed. It's described as a “Healthier alternative to lean without the addictive qualities and fatal side effects that come from codeine cough syrup.”

“We really wanted to create a unique sensation for consumers, but in a safe way. We did that with this product – you can feel right without the harmful side effects.” - Jim Jones

SF & E co-founder Alex Todd says “ After having lost so many great talents in music and entertainment to lean, the company hopes the product can provide consumers with a safer way to reduce anxiety and feel good afterward.”

Jim Jones, Alex Todd and other invited guests will host 2 live "Saucey Smoke Out" sessions via Zoom to answer questions about Saucey Lean and other products. There will be give-aways on both live sessions and the company will be raising money for COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Airtime is scheduled for 04/20/2020 @ 4 pm EST and 4 pm PST

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