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Keep moving, life goes on.

Often times we self-sabotage a plan before we even try it. We think of all the things that could go wrong and consider the opinions of others, even before the finished product is presented.

This type of thinking keeps us in a stronghold. We'll fight against anything that tries to push us along our path. We will reject advice and encouragement from others because we view it as a stressor.

When our thoughts and beliefs are challenged we generally respond in a couple of different ways. One, we'll fight back, trying hard to define our position or, we'll go into a recluse mode and cut ourselves off from the world.

It is my hope that we can wake up to our potential as a whole. Recognizing the good that we have to contribute and not being afraid of backlash or opinions. We will be judged every day of our lives for one reason or another, there is no way around that. I would prefer to be judged for trying to contribute to the betterment of society rather than sitting back complaining about the one that has been presented.

We have all been blessed with gifts from God and I believe that we disrespect God and ourselves when we operate outside of those gifts. We have to think and speak life at all times, considering the good vibes that we are bound to pass on.

It is important to take accountability for our thoughts because they become our actions and eventually your persona. People will know you for your works or lack thereof. Make a conscious decision to be the change you want to see. Adjust your behaviors, thoughts, and words accordingly.

Take advice when and where you can use it but be mindful to keep control of your own life. It is easy to dance to the beat of another person's drum since it takes the responsibility off of you. I can honestly say, that 80% of the mistakes that I have made in life are a result of misguidance or no guidance at all. 10% of my problems were due to a lack of self-love and the other 10%, God only knows what that was about, I just chuck it up as life-lessons.

The moral of the story is, make good choices, take responsibility for your own self, and do God's will by living up to your potential.

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