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Possessed by possessions

In my studying, I've learned that balancing the Sacral chakra is essential to self-control and self-fulfillment. This energy center is identified by the color orange, located in the abdominal area and known as the emotional chakra. When it is balanced we are able to discover life through our feelings. It means that we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and exposed, to get to the root of a situation. We don't run from who or what we really are, we acknowledge it and deal accordingly. When this chakra is unbalanced or out of line, we suffer from greed, addiction and selfishness. We are unable to see how our actions affect the people around us or we simply don't care. This attitude is a breeding ground for the desire for more, anything to keep your mind off of the true problem. You will see an increase of drug use, partying, sex, over-eating and even work. Some use their careers as a means to escape problems. It gives them a reason to stay away from home, shun responsibility and distance themselves from those that love them. To defend this, the conversation will always turn to money and possessions or they will spend money on you to stop the conversation.

People in this unbalanced state will use people and are often used themselves. They will avoid situations unless it's beneficial for them, not realizing that some people have peeped their whole card and are getting what they can, while the getting is good. Being self-absorbed makes you miss the big picture. You fail to realize that people only call on you when you have something to offer and that they don't really value your companionship. In order to be supported by genuine people, you have to be in a position to accept criticism and be able to check yourself when necessary.

I was lead to the story of the rich man trying to get into heaven (Mark 10:17-25). He told Jesus how he had been a loyal servant since his youth and wanted to know how he could achieve eternal life. Jesus told him to go and sell his possessions and give the money to the poor. The scripture goes on to say that he went away saddened because his possessions were many. This tells me that he was defined by what he had. The promise of eternity should have been enough for him to give it all up instead he was selfish and didn't abide. This man missed the kingdom of heaven to hold on to earthly possessions! These verses let us know that it's not what we do for ourselves that make a difference but rather what we do for our neighbors.

We are all currently on ground zero and it doesn't matter what we possess, we all share the same feelings of uncertainty. It is my hope that we use this time for self discovery and the release of fear and doubt. I pray that we can be honest with ourselves if only for a moment, recognize our insecurities and let go!

Once we embrace that our oneness with God requires some spiritual work, this wicked world can correct itself. No longer can we sit back and wait on the hand of God to change something that we have been ordained to handle. God calls us to be the salt and the light upon the earth. That means that we add flavor where there is none and illuminate the paths of those still lost in the dark. We don't sit back and allow the people we love to be mediocre, we light the way for them time and time again.

There is no room for the selfish in the kingdom of God......

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