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Prayers up for YNM Melly

A spokesperson for rapper YNW Melly announced via Instagram, that he tested positive for Covid-19 on April 2. The post included the hashtag #prayformelly and requested that fans send positive energy to him. The 20 year-old Florida rapper was arrested in January of 2019 for a double murder charge and pleaded not guilty in March 2019. He is awaiting trial in Broward County, Florida.

On April 9, defense attorney Bradford Cohen filed court documents claiming that his client was suffering from “labored breathing, headaches and body aches” and that he was “in danger of dying due to the infection and inadequate health care provided by the jail.” Defense also accuses jail staffers of failing to check on the inmate every hour as ordered and of only treating him with Tylenol and Gatorade.

The judge denied the request for “restricted release” and house arrest and instead ordered Melly's team to request “special treatment” from the Broward County Sheriff's Office if necessary.

YNM Melly reached out to White House insider and fellow rapper Kanye West via Twitter, presumably to ask for his help in getting him released. West and his wife Kim Kardashian-West have been successful in pleading with current president Donald Trump, to have inmates released in the past. There was no public response from Kanye on Melly's Twitter post.

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