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The Hustler Diary Rule #1 - Stay in Your Lane

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

As I'm going through this thing called life, I find myself wanting to be free from restrictions, bosses and supervisors. My mind is on partnerships or nothing at all, I have no desire to be part of "Corporate America" and I don't aspire to earn any more fancy titles. With that being said, I have learned that freedom isn't free. I have also learned that without a strong mentor, your success will likely be short lived.

Although I've been dealing with these feelings for well over a year I didn't have the confidence to step out just yet. I factored in my bills, my children, my image and everything else you can think of. I had to unlearn all of the conventional wisdom that we receive from the time we start elementary school~ go to school, go to college, get a job, work 40 years, retire and die. None of that ever seemed right, but we do it. Generation after generation, year after year.

I went within myself spiritually and found THE GOD in me. I saw signs, I had visions, I saw the repetitive numbers, anything that a spiritual advisor would alert you of, I experienced. I had great friends that encouraged me and assured me that I would be fine, none of that was enough. Fear and anxiety wouldn't allow me to move and I wasn't going to move until that voice in my head said go.

Finally I made one of the toughest, scariest decisions of my life! After yet another session of disrespect from my employer, I decided that I was done. I felt that nudge and I couldn't ignore it. No 2 weeks notice and no compromise. I turned in my office keys and walked out, that was that.

It's been a hard road but it's been fair. I encourage you to do what it takes for your peace of mind, but only when you are ready. Too often we hurt ourselves moving on the timing of others. This journey is yours and yours alone, treat it as such.

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