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The Hustler's Diary:Rule #2 Whatever You Do, Do It For You

Today I encourage you to recognize YOUR OWN greatness! Never mind what outsiders have to say. Make that music, paint that picture, write that book or start that class. Place very little value on likes, comments and shares because most of those people don't even know you.

You should smile from your heart as you reflect on your accomplishments. You should feel elated every time you finish a project. I know you're tired, I know you want to quit, I know sometimes you don't see the point, BUT YOU CAN'T QUIT. There is an assignment on your life that only you and God know about.

Nobody knows how many sleepless nights you've had. Nobody knows how many times you've cried and started over. Nobody knows how you struggled financially as you worked on your craft so NOBODY should be able to make you feel inadequate.

In closing I will add, that we also have to have a grateful heart and be able to accept criticism, that's a part of life lessons. Never be so arrogant as to think that you have it figured out or can't improve in some areas. Some people will tell you the truth out of love but some people will tell you the truth with the hope of tearing you down. Take from the criticism what you can use, but ultimately whatever you do, DO IT FOR YOU.

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