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The intersection of spirit and truth

While searching for words of encouragement during this crazy time, balance, energy and grounded keep coming to me. People are living in fear and panic as we enter this next chapter of World History and while I'd like to think of myself as unshakable, I am a human being. I work daily to strengthen my spirit because I understand that my spirit is what ultimately fight my battles. Right now, we have to understand that we have no physical control over what is happening. That thing that has us all tucked away is invisible and according to the news, does not discriminate. Because we live in a society with rules, the powers that be have determined that it is best that its citizens “stay away” from each other for a undetermined amount of time. Many are unable to work which means no income for many households. Schools are closed and parents are stepping in as teachers as children sit at the dining room table, adjusting to their new normal.

We are at an involuntary stand still and I say we make the best of it. Let's use this time as a moment of reflection. Consider all of the things that are concerning you at this moment. Could these worries have been alleviated if you had taken different steps in the past? If you had saved more, would you have a 6 month emergency fund? If you had invested in yourself, could you have multiple streams of income? Are you mentally stable enough for yourself and your family? Are your basic survival needs being met?

In life, obstacles will arise and mistakes will be made but we can't stay there. Standing firm on a solid foundation and taking heed to life's lessons is the only way to survive. After every battle, we should be asking ourselves what happened and figuring out how to avoid it or handle it differently in the future. Trouble isn't meant to last forever, but it will if you wallow in it. We also can't be so unstable that we bow to every wind. We have to be uncompromising and unshakable at all times. This will require continuous effort and work on our part in taking care of our minds and bodies. Treating them as temples and being mindful of what information and food we ingest. I understand that people cope with situations differently and have different sources of refuge. Some turn to religion in a time of crisis and many choose to do spiritual work or “soul searching. Very often, hyper-sexuality and substance abuse are vices of choice, the latter being the most detrimental and ineffective.

I want to encourage you to get to know yourself. Take an honest look in the mirror and call out the things you are most thankful for. Acknowledge your personal and spiritual flaws. Be honest with yourself about the solutions. Talk to yourself and create a plan to move forward from where you are right now. Don't beat yourself up for anything that you don't plan to address or correct, those moments have slipped away, move on from them.

Our connection with God is spiritual and we meet at the intersection of spirit and truth. Recognize that self-reflection and honesty are the only vehicles to that destination.

Isiah 29:13 “They worship me with their mouths but their heart are far from me.

John 4:24 God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

spirit- that part of a persons being thought of as the center of life, the will, thinking, feeling: that part of man that survives death. truth – a proven sincerity, honesty or righteousness.

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