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The mindset of abundance

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I was told, that if I truly believed it, I could create it and that I have everything I need right now for an abundant life. Well what do you do when what you imagine is just not happening? Or when your mind wanders onto the route of despair and doubt? I'll tell you what I do, I shake it off and keep pushing!

There are plenty of things that can and will break our spirits if we allow it. When doubt starts to arise, no matter how true it seems, break the thought and reverse it. Instead of complaining about being broke, be thankful for what you have, so that it is allowed to multiply. Instead of complaining about your job, be thankful that your needs are met and start thinking about how you can thrive on simply being who you are, who you are purposed to be. Your purpose will never be connected to money, but rather service.What acts of service make you happy? What would you do for others for no pay at all?

When you commit to serving, you will be served.

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